Learn More About the Top 5!

Marlon Castillo

Meet Marlon and Ainsley! These lovebirds have known each other since elementary school and started dating in high school. Marlon shares that" after reconnecting through a friend, we fell in love with each other, and even though we are hundreds of miles apart, we still work very hard to support our relationship. We have been making it work for about 2 years long distance. Hopefully, that changes soon….Marlon shares that his favorite thing about Ansley is " is a very caring and passionate person who loves the little things and is so happy she is living out her dream as a feature twirler!"

Cole Feld

Meet Cole and Paige! This sweet couple has been dating for five years! Cole shared " Paige and I started dating sophomore year of high school in, you guessed it, chemistry class after I transferred with no friends in the new school. Paige became my first friend and we so enjoyed our time together! We became each other's first boyfriend/girlfriend and with that, we got to experience and learn what love meant together." Cole shares that his favorite thing about Paige is "Paige has what I call a 'happy face' like no other. Whenever she is genuinely happy her smile ear to ear and eyes full of stars can make anyone feel that emotion and be happy with her."

Matthew van Zuilekom

Meet Matthew and his girlfriend! These Coogs started dating after graduation where the love for their alma mater brought them closer together. These two have been together for two years and started dating in 2020 during the pandemic. Matthew shares " If our relationship can start and get stronger during the 'covid-alypse', then nothing can stop us. I know we're meant to be, and will be together forever." Matthew shares his favorite thing about his girlfriend is "Besides everything? She's a biochem/biophysics double major graduate; she's immensely intelligent and beautiful!

Fernando De los Santos

Meet Fernando and his girlfriend! These two met in 2019 at the TMEA all-state band in San Antonio while Juniors in high school. They waited until college to be together and have now been dating officially for over a year! Fernando shares that his favorite thing about his girlfriend is "Her support, care, and kindness. I have never met a person who’s pushed me so hard to be the absolute best version of myself and shown me so much, unconditional love. She cares for me like no other and is by my side no matter what. Despite being a long distance of over two hours, she’s been to almost every single concert and marching band performance I’ve performed in college to support me. She’s truly special to me and I wouldn’t want anyone else in my life." 

David Carpenter

Meet David and Macy! These two are high school sweethearts who met in their school theatre play. They played it cool and were friends for a year, but in the summer of 2018 they grew closer and after a sweet family dinner and a kiss goodnight, the rest is history; they have been together for four years! David shares that "I am always trying to make her laugh. I love seeing her happy, and my favorite thing about her is that when I really make her laugh hard she uncontrollably laughs for a second and almost doubles over and rushes in for a hug without fail. When I make her laugh she always gets closer to me and I absolutely love it."