When you’re looking for the unique; a piece of jewelry that no one else will be wearing in Houston; then it’s time to consider creating something that is one-of-a-kind. Our custom jewelry design studio is filled with some of the most extraordinary and skilled artisans, from talented gemologists to the finest goldsmiths and designers in the state of Texas. Every one of them just waiting to turn your inspiration into reality.


It’s time to get in touch with your inner artist. We must admit, there are few things that are as exciting as creating something that is a clear expression of who you are. What we do know: Inspiration can be derived from just about anywhere. In fact, the only limit is your imagination! Every custom design has a process we follow here at Lewis Jewelers. And, some may vary based on the complexity of the project. Hopefully, this is all pretty self-explanatory! Always feel free to stop in and we’ll happily walk you through it, We can’t wait to bring your vision to life! Generally, there’s a good chance we’ll work with these four steps:


It starts with a meeting.

The first step is by far the easiest! We simply need to chat. At this point, we will discuss your vision and perhaps do some quick sketches together. We’ll discuss your personal style and pin down your likes and dislikes. We may be starting from scratch or updating some family heirlooms or outdated jewelry. You may have seen some things you love in magazines or on social media. This is the time we get a clear idea of your vision.



Once we have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, our jewelry designers will create a Computer Aided Design (CAD) rendering of your piece. This technology can analyze and modify all designs, shapes, and textures. A CAD design closely resembles the real thing, so it is at this stage that adjustments can be easily made.


The Wax Model

Once you sign off on the CAD drawing, the designer will create an actual wax model and begin to carve and shape it. This 3D model will allow you to see and feel your piece before we finalize and cast it.


Cast, Set and Finish!

At this stage, your custom designed piece is now ready to be cast in the precious metal of your choice. It starts with embedding the wax sculpture in plaster. Then the chosen metal is melted and poured, creating a “rough cast”. At that point, the artisans begin their work! Gemstones are set, and they begin to work on the metal finish. Metal finishes can range from a high polish, brushed, satin or any one of the multitudes of unique finishes. We inspect it one last time, prior to presenting it to you, to ensure every detail meets your expectations!


A one-of-a-kind relationship often deserves a one-of-a-kind ring. Designing a custom engagement ring couldn’t be any easier at Lewis Jewelers. If you’re interested in the custom design process, click here. A custom engagement ring can be anything from selecting something we have in our showcases and making small changes to suit your style, to creating something completely like no other. Tie-the-knot and read all about custom engagement rings. Learn more here.


Lewis Jewelers is home to some of today’s top designers whose designs range from contemporary and traditional to the outrageous and bold. And, chances are good, you’ll find something right in our showroom that will fit your taste and budget. But, there’s nothing like creating something uniquely you. If you’ve inherited some jewelry (or purchased jewelry long ago) that is simply not your style, or you no longer wear anymore, it’s time to consider taking those pieces and creating something you will cherish and wear for a lifetime! You may want to make some small custom design changes that will simply freshen it up. Or, you may feel it needs restyling. The point is, custom jewelry design is the perfect alternative to make something old, new again, or to start from the very beginning and let your inspiration run wild!



Designing a piece of jewelry is an extraordinary experience. From start to finish, we’re going to make the process as easy as possible. It starts with getting to know you. Your likes and dislikes and your vision. We want to really get to know you so that the piece we create together reflects your personality and style. Every piece of custom designed jewelry at Lewis Jewelers is considered a work of art. A piece that we hope you will not only cherish, but one that might be passed down for generations.At Lewis Jewelers, we have several private design studios where you can personally meet with a jewelry designer who will be taking your vision to completion. In the studio, we’ll be able to use special laboratory grading tools so we can view precious colored gemstone selections and diamonds. In that room, the custom jewelry design magic begins! The designer will most likely begin sketching out your thoughts and let the creative juices run wild. The look on your face will tell us when we’ve got it right! And then we take it from there. It’s important to note you will be kept up to date throughout the technical process and depending on the complexity, a custom designed piece of jewelry can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.