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A fine watch is more than a symbol you’ve arrived. A fine watch is a reflection of who you are.

A fine watch endures, and yes, transcends. Lewis Jewelers is proud to be the home of some of the world’s most respected timepieces. Every watch you see in our case will stand more than the test of time. Our fine watches stand for quality, unique design, and without a doubt represent today’s top timepieces throughout the world. Stop in or contact us to learn more.

Founded in 1884, Breitling fine luxury Swiss watches are known for their precision-made chronometers designed for aviators. Breitling has played an important role in the development of the wrist chronograph and remains a leader in the chronograph watch. 

G-Shock watches are synonymous with toughness, durability, and have an impressive history. They feature complex functions like GPS location, tide-tracking, depth meters, altimeters, barometers, compasses, solar power dials and much more.

Known for its epitome of style and sophistication, a Gucci Swiss watch is synonymous with not only quality but a fresh and innovative perspective to all watch enthusiasts. Fully embracing the contemporary attitude of the House of Gucci, it represents the world’s most desirable brand and without a doubt, is a 21st-century statement of being fashion-forward.

Compared to hundreds-years-old watch-making companies, Michele’s history is short. Designed in the 1940s by Belgian watchmaker Maurice Barouh, Michele fine watches are known for their dedication to style, quality, and craftsmanship and are a timepiece for today’s woman.

Founded only two months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, this German watchmaking company is based in Glashütte. Nomos timepieces are known for their exceptional design with a clean and modernist aesthetic. To many, Nomos fine watches are considered a modern brand that gets design, manufacturing, and quality consistently right.

NORQAIN was founded in 2018 and was built on a solid foundation of family tradition. For more than four decades, the founding family has been creating and developing watches. This know-how allows NORQAIN to offer top-quality watches that meet the highest Swiss watchmaking standards.

Omega has been making Swiss watches since 1848. With quality so impeccable, Omega pushes the boundaries of watchmaking quality. Every part of an Omega watch is made in Switzerland bringing with it the aesthetic and technical levels only met by Switzerland’s highest demands. 

This premier, independent Swiss watch company has been gracing wrists since 1904. An Oris watch is built to last and provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Always at the forefront of developing new movements and watch designs, Oris watches are both innovative and genuine.


When you own an exquisite timepiece, you want it to last a lifetime. At Lewis jewelers, we offer expertise and world-class craftsmanship by our own talented Master Watchmakers. Our watchmakers are also exceptional artisans. They have honed their craft to ensure your timepiece will continue to provide you precision time and is in perfect working order.


You have in your possession one of the most exquisite timepieces in the world, a magnificent combination of art and science that adorns your wrist. This timepiece represents over 100 years of watchmaking history. It is the embodiment of the true beauty and power of a precisely controlled release of energy designed to keep track of something as fleeting as time. Your wristwatch will last you more than a lifetime if you give it the care and minimal attention it needs to keep it in perfect working order.

Lewis Jewelers’ service center is state-of-the-art. There is no doubt, we take pride in what we do.  


Our watchmakers are dedicated to providing you the best service for every watch brand we carry. When you own a spectacular timepiece, it represents your personal style, but it is also a fundamental statement about your appreciation of craftsmanship and tradition. This finely-tuned piece on your wrist also needs preventative care. This will ensure your purchase will last a lifetime.


Complete Overhaul Service

Every 5-7 years, a fine timepiece should be overhauled to maintain optimal working condition and accuracy. This process prevents excessive wear from damaging your watch’s movement.

Timekeeping Testing & Regulating

Our Master Watchmakers ensure your timepiece maintains accurate time. Every watch is tested to meet our standards once precise timing adjustments are made. Time testing and regulating is also recommended for any fine timepiece.

Refinishing, Cleaning, Repair & Polishing

Of course, the outside condition of your watch is as important as the interior working mechanism. We’ll remove damage and scratches, and refinish it to make your watch look as perfect as the day you purchased it.

Water Resistance and Pressure Testing

To ensure the integrity of your watch, water resistance and pressure tests are conducted during your servicing. If there is any moisture in your watch, we recommend you bring it in as soon as possible.

Crystal Replacement

Since most people wear their watches regularly, your watch crystal can oftentimes become damaged, scratched or cracked. Our watchmakers can easily buff out the scratches. If needed, your crystal can be replaced. We’ll ensure pressure and water tolerances are maintained. 

Battery Replacement

If your battery fails, our service center can usually replace your battery while you wait!

Buying or Selling Your Watch

Lewis Jewelers is not only one of the largest sellers of fine watches in Houston, but we are also one of the leading buyers of luxury watches in Houston. With our unparalleled experience, we can provide you with a knowledgeable estimate of the value of your timepiece. Stop into either of our locations to meet with us, or begin the process by filling out this form online to receive an estimate. The process is simple! If you’re looking to trade-in your fine timepiece, we’re happy to apply the value toward your new watch purchase.


Tell us what type of timepieces you are looking for and/or about the timepieces you are wanting to sell.


Tell us what type of timepieces you are looking for and/or about the timepieces you are wanting to sell.


At Lewis Jewelers, we think of jewelry as a beautiful and lasting investment in the people you love. And, we also realize your heart could be bigger than your budget. That’s why we offer financing to help you buy that perfect piece of fine jewelry without the added stress or worrying about the cost. Our special financing options are available from Synchrony and Wells Fargo. Find out more about financing here