G-Shock Black and Grey Fabric Strap Watch, 48.5mm

Introducing the G-Shock as nature-minded as you, made with renewable materials and a focus on sustainability. This watch comes with handy functions like Smartphone Link and Tough Solar charging while maintaining the distinctive octagonal form. Then, we make the key resin components with bio-based resin produced from renewable organic resources, which are expected to help curb CO2 emissions and reduce environmental impact. We take the focus on nature to the next level with very special cloth bands that feature the work of two innovators — treucotton and food textile — to reduce waste and promote ethical sourcing. The cloth for the bands is made of traceable organic truecotton so we know which farm and spinning mill it comes from. This not only helps manage environmental impact, but also ensures workers are protected and craftsmanship is high quality throughout the production process. The bands are colored with dyes from food textile, a project to reuse food that would otherwise be discarded to create natural dyes. Soft, earthy colors are brought to life with dyes made with over 90% natural ingredients. The khaki grey color of the band comes from a dye extracted from echinacea. Materials that had been destined for the trash are reborn in a beautiful new form — a sustainable, environmentally friendly watch.


  • Analog/digital
  • Tough solar (solar powered)
  • Size of case : 48.5 × 45.4 × 11.9 mm
  • Total weight : 57g
  • Case / bezel material: carbon / Bio-based resin
  • Cloth band (made of traceable organic truecotton)
  • Shock resistant
  • Carbon core guard structure
  • Mineral glass
  • 200-meter water resistance